Hassle-Free Check Printing Software for Windows Accounting Programs

Print the checks you need when you need them. We make printing checks easy, affordable and hassle free!

MultiChax is a check printing software that works with QuickBooks, Sage 50, and virtually any Windows accounting program. This makes it easy for you and your business to print a variety of customizable checks safely and securely.

MultiChax allows you to print MICR-encoded checks in a single step – saving hours of time and frustration. This also allows for removing the need to stock multiple forms for different bank accounts. Simply add MICR Toner to convert your printer into a bank-approved check printer. This allows you to print an unlimited amount of checks with no recurring fees.

Another huge benefit of MultiChax is the ability to customize checks with ease. You can print logos and electronic signatures directly on your checks. This works for both blank slate checks or preprinted checks.

On top of that, you can even add an additional signature line when needed. MutliChax helps your business look more professional with complete customization options.

Print your business or personal checks however you want with no delays or confusion!

To limit confusion and increase efficiency, MulitiChax has powerful patented features which prevent you from printing checks to the wrong account. It does this by automatically linking the check number to the correct bank account. An absolute essential.

To further say on cost, MultiChax has 5 printing formats which allow you to print 3 checks per sheet. This means you get to start saving maximum money today!

Here are a number of key features which businesses and professionals can’t live without!

Safe and Secure: MultiChax goes above and beyond to ensure your safety and security. We provide powerful encryption and password protection. On top of that, every check written is updated in the encrypted database.

Money Saving: Print the checks you need without having to stockpile other forms for “just in case moments”. With MultiChax, you will just need to store blank check forms

Compatibility: MultiChax works with virtually all accounting programs so you don’t have to change a thing. These include Quick Books, Quicken, Great Plains, Solomon, and Peach Tree.

Failsafe Operations: MutliChax provides peace of mind by automatically linking the check number to the correct bank account. This means you never have to worry about printing a check to the wrong account.

Custom Design: Add your logos, signatures, and overlays with ease. No special printing, no confusion, and no hassle!

Seamless Integration: MultiChax does the handwork for you and prints the check you need by automatically checking what bank account you are using. Stop the hassle today with MultiChax!

MultiChax is constantly innovating and improving to ensure you get the check printing software you deserve. We go above and beyond to make printing checks as easy and as affordable as possible.

We do this while removing the hassle, saving time, and giving you the powerful controls to get the checks you want.

Why rely on someone else when you can print checks better in-house?

If you have any questions feel free to get ahold of us for a prompt and speedy reply.

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