Blank Check Stock vs. Pre-Printed: Why it’s better to Print Your Own Checks

detailed check small Blank Check Stock

Pre-printed check stock has become a tradition. Many businesses and private individuals use it without exploring other options, or even giving it a second thought. Yet there are many benefits of choosing blank check stock and check printing software over-relying on pre-printed checks. First, it’s important to note that using blank stock is not any less convenient, but in fact more. Read on to learn about some other reasons that blank checks are a smart choice.

How safe is Your Banking Information?

The biggest disadvantage of using pre-printed checks is that they contain vital information, such as account number, writing number, as well as contact information. Thieves can use all of this information to unlawfully access the account and withdraw funds from it.

With blank check stock, payment information is added by the check printing software you use, instead of having it already on it. Since there’s no risk to just leaving blank paper lying around, this type of stock is inherently safe. It’s just another great way to protect your finances.

The Easiest Way to Fill Out Checks

The introduction of check writing software on the market meant that blank checks no longer had to be filled out by hand. It’s the next step up from pre-printed checks that can be obsolete after a bank account change. Combine this with modern laser printers and MICR toner, and you no longer have to worry about buying pre-printed checks again.

The Benefit of Using QuickBooks with Check Printing Software

Businesses and smart head of households are ever in search of a way to streamline tasks, especially when it comes to managing finances. Software, such as QuickBooks, is a modern convenience that helps them handle their financial responsibilities in the most efficient way.

It improves the accuracy of their accounting, ensuring records are ever correct, right down to the penny. Plus, it saves time, as they can access their own financial information, such as account numbers, balances, and more, all from one central place. No more having to log in to several different accounts. When it’s time to print a check, this can be done with just a few simple clicks. No longer is check printing only for banks.

Experience the Ease and Convenience of Printing Your Own Checks

Buying blank check stock is more affordable and convenient than going with pre-printed check stock. It gives you the freedom to use state-of-the-art accounting software for business and home, saving you money in more ways than. Keep your financial information safe from identity thieves. Worry no more about having to type within the lines. If you frequently have to write checks to manage payments, then you’ll surely find that MultiCHAX check printing software is right for you.

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