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check printing software

Print MICR checks on blank check stock.

MultiCHAX allows you to print your own MICR checks for accounts payable and payroll using low cost blank check stock. MultiCHAX is compatible with virtually any accounting program including QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, Sage 50 and many more.


CHAX Debt Collection Software

No more waiting for checks in the mail!

CHAX is a check by phone / fax / e-mail software that allows anyone to accept check by phone, fax or e-mail payments from customers, for deposit into any U.S. bank the same day with no fees.

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CHAX is trusted by these Fortune 500 Companies

Check Printing Software
Check Printing Software
Check Printing Software
Check Printing Software


Check out what our clients say.

Your support is what sold me on your product. I demoed a different product that would have been less expensive but the support was very frustrating, always waiting for return calls and talking me through what to do. The fact that you answer the calls and hop on my machine and make everything effortless sold me on your product. I have talked to 3 different support people through this process and every one has given me stellar service. Kudos to your company, I would highly recommend to associates!

Darlene Diemer / Diemer Accounting, Inc

The agent was able to direct me to what needed to be fixed quickly and easily and had the program up and running with signature in just a few minutes! I use MultiCHAX to aid me in working remotely with several clients. It makes life immensely easier and less expensive than preprinted checks. Thank you.

Robert Alvarado / Endeavor Accounting, Inc

It was a wonderful time working with John. His technical [support] is perfect. I am confident with using MultiCHAX software now. With his enthusiastic support and this useful software, I will recommend my friends try and use it. Thank you.

Tracey Lu / B&D Seafoods, Inc

Amazing experience as always with calling this company. Everyone is so very helpful and will walk through with me what needs to be done. The customer service with this company is beyond reproach and always available to assist with any situation.

Cher Bell / Celtic Bookkeeping and Tax Service, LLC

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