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What is CHAX?
What is check by phone? and What are checks by fax?

CHAX Debt Collection Software is the best value in check by phone, check by fax, and check by e-mail funds transfer system available.

With CHAX check by phone software, accepting check payments fast is as easy as 1-2-3.

Check by phone


Enter your customer’s check info

Secure check printing


Print your checks

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Deposit checks to bank

Now, collecting payments by check has never been easier or more convenient. When a customer says, “I’ll put the check in the mail,” you just tell them to “CHAX IT!!” – by fax, phone, or e-mail.

With the help of CHAX debt collection software, simply input your customer’s check information into any PC, print out a check, and deposit it to your bank the same day, with no additional fees!. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Just about anyone can use CHAX, from a sole proprietorship to large corporations.

If you need to receive check payments fast, then you can use CHAX.

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30-day money back guarantee. Starting at $99 per license.


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How does CHAX work?

A common scenario would be to take a check by phone from your customers, this could be either an inbound or outbound call, depending on your business. While on the phone, you will take your customer’s name and/or company name and address which is printed on their check. The customer may also give you an optional check number. You will also need the 9 digit routing number and the account number printed on the check. Finally, the check amount must be agreed upon during the transaction. 

Checks by phone only require verbal authorization from the paying customer. Recording the telephone authorization or receiving a written authorization is not required, but it is best to have one for your records.

When accepting checks by fax or e-mail, it is even better simply because you can visually see the check information so you can save it for later use and as a valid authorization document.

We recommend creating a standard check draft authorization form that your customer can print and fax back to you, or you can request the actual copy of the check to be faxed. After receiving the fax or e-mail copy of the check, you can print the draft check for immediate deposit.

Any business that accepts check payments can take advantage of CHAX check by phone. Common companies include insurance agencies, wholesale vendors, sales and marketing agencies, collection agencies, and many more. ACH transactions are governed by National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) operating rules, unlike check drafting software systems like CHAX.

Can you take a check over the phone?

All businesses can benefit from taking checks by phone. Check drafts have been in use since the early 1990s, and CHAX is a pioneer in this industry. Many businesses can use CHAX to take checks by phone from customers, tenants, patients, clients, policy holders, and even B2B (business-to-business).

Accepting checks by phone is the easiest and most popular method to use CHAX with. You can take debt collections, accept payment for goods or services, and cater to customers or businesses who do not use credit cards. Just enter info, print, and deposit. No transaction fees, no recurring fees.

Is check by phone safe?

Check by phone is an inexpensive and secure method of transferring funds. Taking checks by phone, fax, or online do not require a signature. The draft checks that you deposit are just like regular checks: without discount fees, charge backs, or lease fees. By comparison, a mailed check could possibly get lost in the mail or stolen.

How long does it take a check by phone to clear?

Generally speaking, the length to clear and process a check (or check by phone) usually takes about two business days (or 24 to 48 hours) from deposit. In some instances, the check clearing will take up to five business days for the bank to receive funds. How long a check clears will depend on several factors, including your account status, the payer’s account status, and the check amount.

Do CHAX checks by phone / fax / e-mail work with mobile banking?

Since all checks created with the CHAX check by phone system are regular bank checks, they can be deposited using mobile banking apps or teller capture check scanning machines. There is no difference to the deposit checks.

Is it legal to print checks at home?

Yes, printing checks with your own printer is perfectly legal. Using Check by phone, check by fax and check by online software and services are also completely legal. You must, however, use special paper used for check printing.

More commonly named “Draft Check” or pre-authorized paper bank drafts have been in use in the industry since the early 1990s. The main requirement for Draft Checks is that you need written or verbal pre-authorization from the primary checking account holder. After acquiring the pre-authorization, the banks will only need to see a stamp saying that the check was pre-authorized.

CHAX is the most cost-effective bank draft software solution.

For just pennies a check, you can stop waiting for checks in the mail, eliminate wasting time on collection calls, and improve cash flow.

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