Top 10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Print your Own Checks

Do you have a business and want to easily cut down on your expenses? You should consider the following reasons why your business should print your own checks. It is already a common thing to be using pre-printed check stock in businesses. Many private individuals and businesses use it without referring to other choices or giving it a second thought. Nevertheless, there are many benefits that can be obtained from the consistent use of check printing software to print your own checks. Read on below to understand the top 10 reasons to print your own checks.

1) No More Manual Filling Out of Blank Checks

Signing ChecksThrough the use of check printing software, there is no longer a need to manually fill out blank checks. Especially if this will be combined with MICR and modern laser printers, you will no longer worry about purchasing pre-printed checks again.

2) Handle the Financial Responsibilities the Best and Most Efficient Way

Smart households and businesses are searching for ways to best streamline their tasks. This is most certainly when managing their finances. The use of quickbooks check printing is likewise essential to print your own checks. The printing of checks brings convenience and ease leaving them at their best of handling financial responsibilities.

3) Saves More Money

There are lots of businesses today that already get accustomed to print your own checks. This is mainly because of the fact that it helps save money and it brings them the flexibility of printing checks. When they need them, they could easily print them.

By introducing your business to a check-printing process, it will become a more practical and more efficient way than just ordering checks from the bank.

4) Handle Different Accounts Effectively and Properly

If you will have to handle different accounts, computer checks could help streamline the process effectively and properly. Through the use of the program, you will be able to access and sort out via different vendors. You will also easily and quickly make payments.

5) Good Branding of Organization

When branding your organization, printing your own checks help as well. When your checks have been professionally represented, they will further reflect your commitment and dedication to quality. It only means to say that you can be trusted in regard with this matter.

Especially when it comes to envelopes and deposit slips, these banking materials also easily go through a check printing. In addition to that, there is something good that can be said for the feeling of legitimacy. The checks in your possession somehow bring good impression to clients. It also means to say that a company is founded and is continuing its efforts to producing quality and good print.

In the business world, appearance will always have its important say. Therefore, you need to rely on printing your own checks and your attention to detail and expertise.

6) Reduces the Chances of Error and the Loss of Files

The good thing about printing your own checks is that it helps reduce the chances of error and the loss of files. There will be no times spent in poor financial reporting. This will only leave a business in such a costly and embarrassing experience. Eliminate Errors

In any business, error is also possible. But, check writing software can help reduce all these errors. Computer checks and accounting software will be designed in minimizing the risk for potential errors. Spending figures, vendor profiles and information will also be easily obtained upon using a computer. The software will become valuable in minimizing the potentials for errors. There will also be no worries associated with paper files that could be destroyed or lost. One more thing is that accounting software will be supported easily while critical financial data will be protected.

7) Promise Security

By printing your own checks, expect of it promising security for your business. There is also a guarantee that the cheque will never ever bounce. This will already be good just like cash and this can also be mailed without worries if it can be stolen or lost. Now, instead of hesitating on printing your checks, it is rather a good idea using them for your business for the utmost benefits in the end.

8) Free from Hassles and Stresses

The main reason to print your own checks is for it to serve the business as a whole. This is also especially if the business owner or creditor has no knowledge of the credit of a buyer. There will also be no hassles and stresses that are usually obtained from printing checks. In fact, doing so helps move the business to the competition.

9) Saved Expenses on Supplies

Checks in StoragePre-printed checks are found to be very expensive, especially when compared to blank check stock. Blank laser business checks costs as low as 5 cents each, while pre-printed checks can be as much as 75 cents each. You can easily save up to hundreds of dollars in supplies each month if your business prints a decent amount of checks every month.

10) Privacy is Promised Regarding Sensitive Financial Data

The personal information and banking information is usually treated with utmost confidentiality. The data will also be safe in print your own checks which means to say that this is a good procedure to ever consider. The banking information will also not be shared with others.

If you are therefore operating your business by yourself, or you have a partner, talk to him or her and explain the benefits that can be obtained from printing checks. With check printing, it is an opportunity to become more specific in the checks needed. Customized systems will also help ensure that checks are printed the best and most efficient way possible.

Being an entrepreneur or a business owner, it is your goal to take a closer look at the expenses of your organization. The most effective way of boosting the bottom line is by printing checks. This is also a one way of cutting costs and expenses. Added to that is the good impression to print your own checks that pass through the hands of clients and banks!

Fix for Error : Component “sysinfo.ocx’ or one of its dependencies not correctly registered (after Windows Update)

On March 31, 2017, Microsoft released a security update for Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials. The update inadvertently flags the common system OCX file “sysinfo.ocx” as infected by the virus Worm:Win32/Bluber.A. This is a false positive, and Microsoft has subsequently released a fix for the update.

To fix the error, please follow these instructions:
1) Open Windows Defender (or Microsoft Security Essentials, depending on your operating system)
2) Click on the History tab
3) Find the quarantined file “Worm:Win32/Bluber.A” and check the box, and click “RESTORE”
4) Click on the Update tab, and select the Update button to download the latest release of Windows Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials

To perform a manual update, download the latest release here:
Malware Protection Center

NOTE: If you are using Endpoint Protection, please perform a virus definition update, and restore the quarantined file.

For more information about the false positive issue, read this article on The Register.

Fix for MultiCHAX Install Error 27555

Affects all MultiCHAX 8 users installing on Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1:

The latest Windows security updates (07/15/2015) prevents install of MultiCHAX 8.  Attempting to install MultiCHAX, generates the following error: “Internal error 27555. CURRENT_USERSoftwareCHAX, The system cannot find the file specified.” The error causes MultiCHAX to roll back and not complete the install.


Specifically, security update KB3072630 posted on July 15, 2015 prevents the initial installation of MultiCHAX 8.

The following instructions will allow you to install MultiCHAX:

  1. Open your Control PanelProgramsPrograms and Features (AddRemove Programs)
  2. Click on View Installed Updates
  3. Search for KB3072630 and uninstall it (restart required)
  4. Install MultiCHAX 8. The installation should complete. You can reinstall the Windows Security Update KB3072630.
    NOTE: The above solution is a temporary fix until a new installer is released.
How to Print Paychecks in QuickBooks Online

How to Print Paychecks in QuickBooks Online

To print payroll checks (paychecks) from QuickBooks Online, you will need the following requirements:

  • Firefox / Chrome Browser
  • Adobe PDF Reader
  • Subscription to QuickBooks Online Payroll (30 Day Trial is available)

Once enrolled in a QuickBooks Online account and QB Online Payroll, you can follow the guide to setup printing payroll checks for your employees. Starting in Feb. 2014, QuickBooks Online has a new home screen interface, similar to the 2013/2014 desktop editions. [Click on the image to see more details.]

Click on the “gear” symbol in the upper right corner of the home screen.

Mouse over the gear icon and it will open the setup menu screen. Click on the Payroll Settings to start configuring Paychecks.

Once the payroll settings (or preferences) are displayed, you can click on the Paycheck Printing option to configure how the checks will print.

For best results, select the pre-printed check single stub option when printing checks using MultiCHAX.

Clicking OK in the Paycheck Printer Settings will take you to the Printer Setup screen.

This portion is only necessary if you are using your own Pre-Printed checks and not printing checks using MultiCHAX.

Next, setup employees by adding them to the Payroll Setup under Employees.

Here you can configure their hourly rate, and if they prefer direct deposit or paper check.

You can also configure their deductions, and see a sample view of their paycheck on the right-hand side.

After setting up an employee, you will be taken to the current pay period screen.

In this section, you can enter the employee’s hours, and change the payment date.

Clicking on Preview Payroll will display the current pay period’s paychecks, total amounts with employee taxes and net pay.

At this point, you can submit the payroll to print the paychecks.

Once payroll is submitted, checks will be ready to print. You can enter check numbers to track.

Once printed, the check is saved and printed as a PDF.

The screenshot below is how it looks in Adobe Acrobat.

Learn more about how to print your own checks with MICR using MultiCHAX

Contact us if you need further technical support.

Blank Check Stock vs. Pre-Printed: Why it’s better to Print Your Own Checks

Blank Check Stock vs. Pre-Printed: Why it’s better to Print Your Own Checks

Pre-printed check stock has become a tradition. Many businesses and private individuals use it without exploring other options, or even giving it a second thought. Yet there are many benefits of choosing blank check stock and check printing software over relying on pre-printed checks. First, it’s important to note that using blank stock is not any less convenient, but in fact more. Read on to learn about some other reasons that blank checks are a smart choice.

How safe is Your Banking Information?

The biggest disadvantage to using pre-printed checks is that they contain vital information, such as account number, writing number, as well as contact information. Thieves can use all of this information to unlawfully access the account and withdraw funds from it.

With blank check stock, payment information is added by the check printing software you use, instead of having it already on it. Since there’s no risk to just leaving blank paper lying around, this type of stock is inherently safe. It’s just another great way to protect your finances.

The Easiest Way to Fill Out Checks

The introduction of check writing software on the market meant that blank checks no longer had to be filled out by hand. It’s the next step up from pre-printed checks that can be obsolete after a bank account change. Combine this with modern laser printers and MICR toner, and you no longer have to worry about buying pre-printed checks again.

The Benefit of Using QuickBooks with Check Printing Software

Businesses and smart head of households are ever in search of a way to streamline tasks, especially when it comes to managing finances. Software, such as QuickBooks, are a modern convenience that helps them handle their financial responsibilities in the most efficient way.

It improves the accuracy of their accounting, ensuring records are ever correct, right down to the penny. Plus, it saves time, as they can access their own financial information, such as account numbers, balances, and more, all from one central place. No more having to log in to several different accounts. When it’s time to print a check, this can be done with just a few simple clicks. No longer is check printing only for banks.

Experience the Ease and Convenience of Printing Your Own Checks

Buying blank check stock is more affordable and convenient than going with pre-printed check stock. It gives you the freedom to use state-of-the-art accounting software for business and home, saving you money in more ways than. Keep your financial information safe from identity thieves. Worry no more about having to type within the lines. If you frequently have to write checks to manage payments, then you’ll surely find that MultiCHAX check printing software is right for you.

Print your own checks today

Configure MultiCHAX for Right Networks

Configure MultiCHAX for Right Networks


8/11/2014 – Removed requirement to use 3rd party driver.
8/11/2014 – Added requirement to update UniPrint to latest version.

To begin using MultiCHAX for Right Networks, please check the following system requirements:

  • Compatible Windows Client Machine:
    • Windows XP
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 8
  • Uniprint 5.0
  • Right Networks Subscription with QuickBooks
  • Adobe PDF Reader / Acrobat


  1. Download and install UniPrint 5.0
    • Once installed, open the UniPrint client settings from the system tray by right clicking on the UniPrint icon, then select Settings.
      uniprint client settings
    • Enable “Let me choose a printer every time I print” and “Enable Document Preview” using Adobe Reader / Acrobat.
  2. Download and install MultiCHAX. Please read the MultiCHAX user manual to configure printers in MultiCHAX.
  3. Open MultiCHAX and enter the SETUP menu.
  4. Click Select Control, then Edit This Control.
  5. Configure your preferred check layout (TOP, MIDDLE, BOTTOM, Z-FOLD, 3-UP).
  6. Save your control and exit MultiCHAX.
  7. Connect to Right Networks.
  8. Start QuickBooks and open a company file.
  9. Click on File > Printer Setup in QuickBooks.
  10. Select UniPrint and open Options.
  11. Under the Configuration tab, change the paper resolution to 300 dpi (600 by default).
    UniPrint settings 1
  12. Select the Advanced tab, and disable (uncheck) Postscript Emulation with No font embedding checked. Click OK, and save the printer setup settings.
    UniPrint settings 2
  13. Now you are ready to print checks from QuickBooks.
  14. Select a check to print, and print to the UniPrint driver.
  15. The Adobe Reader / Acrobat preview of the check should now be visible. Print the check from the preview and select the MultiCHAX Virtual Printer Driver BI.
    NOTE: Be sure the “Actual size” is selected for Page Sizing.
    UniPrint settings 3
  16. MultiCHAX will then be opened automatically for you to select your bank account and/or starting check number.