Top 15 Reasons Why Businesses Should Print Their Own Checks

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Do you own a business, and you want to reduce the expenses in an easy way? One easy way to do just that is by printing your own checks. Unknown to many businesses, printing your own checks can save you a lot of time and money. Printing your own checks has several advantages over the common ways of using pre-printed checks.

This is made possible by the use of check printing software solutions that are capable of printing MICR numbers of checks. Below are 15 reasons why you should consider using personal checks for your business.


  1. Eliminates Filling of Blank Checks Manually

With the application of the check printing software, hand-writing checks will be a thing of the past. When this software is combined with the latest laser printers and MICR, your business will not need to purchase pre-printed checks anymore, and accuracy will be maintained. Digital software is definitely more reliable than the human hand in terms of accuracy and reliability.


  1. Financial Responsibilities Are Handled Effectively

Streamlining tasks is a requirement for businesses that want to be effective, especially when it comes to handling finances. Another essential thing is using QuickBooks check printing to produce personal checks. With personal checks, convenience is attained and financial responsibility is handled effectively.


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  1. Increased Savings

Truth be told, printing your own checks is much less expensive compared to using pre-printed checks. Many businesses are now adopting printing their own checks for the purposes of saving money in the long run. The money saved can be used for other business purposes instead of purchasing pre-printed checks.

Plus, it ensures flexibility since you can have the checks printed anytime you need them. This is more practical than ordering them from a bank. With check printing software, you won’t need new checks printed if you want to change your address or any other information.


  1. Different Accounts Are Handled Seamlessly and Effectively. 

This check printing software is used in handling different accounts seamlessly and effectively. Computer checks help in streamlining the process of making payments to different vendors. Payments are made quickly through an extremely easy process, helping you optimize your workflow further.


  1. Exceptional Branding Method

Every business wants good branding that will help its clients identify with it. If you decide to brand your company, printing your checks helps a lot. Customizing the checks with your logo and slogan reflects on your commitment level and dedication towards attaining quality, and this helps to instill a lot of trust in your clients. Attention to detail can go a long way.

Banking materials like envelopes and slips for making deposits go through the check printing software easily. Printing your own checks also makes your business feel legitimate, and this gives you more confidence when dealing with clients.

When reliability is exuded, clients are greatly impressed and will be confident in working with you. Just make sure the checks are presented in a professional way.


  1. Eliminates Chances of Losing Files and Possibilities of Errors

Unlike using pre-printing checks, printing your own checks reduces errors. The possibility of errors is common and almost inevitable in many businesses. Luckily, such can be eradicated or reduced by applying check writing software.

Computer-generated checks, when used in conjunction with accounting software, are designed to reduce any possibility of errors. A computer system will assist in obtaining any spending figures, vendor profiles, and other important information. Any potential error will then be detected early in time.

Another advantage is that paper files will not get lost or destroyed because the information is backed up in a computer system for easy retrieval when required. Private and confidential financial data of your business will be highly protected with advanced passwords.

Eliminate Errors

Ineffective reports of financial progress will be a thing of the past. Good reports avoid experiences that have an exceedingly high and embarrassing cost implication.


  1. Security is Guaranteed

It goes without saying that producing your own checks ensures the security of your business and eliminates chances of the cheque bouncing.

In case a check gets lost, it can be mailed hence, preventing other inconveniences that might come up. It also makes it difficult for someone to steal the check, and you can easily create back-ups of the data.


  1. Saves Time and Reduces 

When you print your own checks, you will be able to save time and reduce the stress that comes with pre-printing checks. Checks printed by the business also serve the organization, and this is one of the main reasons for not purchasing checks from banks.

This applies best if the person owning a business lacks knowledge of the buyer’s credit. Printing checks every now and then from a bank can be very tiresome. Processing checks personally will avoid such difficulties and mean more convenience.


  1. Expenses Used on Supplies Are Saved

Checks which are pre-printed are very costly when compared to blank check stock. Business laser checks which are blank will cost approximately five cents, whereas pre-printed go for a dollar each. You will save a lot of money every month as you make new supplies, hence increasing your revenue.


  1. Keeps Financial Data Private

Banking and personal information require a high level of confidentiality. This reflects that your security needs to be tightened from all corners. All data is kept safe if you print your own checks. This is a good procedure that must be embraced for secure and continued business growth.

If you have a business partnership with someone, elaborate on the benefits of printing your own checks. This will boost your business partnership to higher levels. Specific checks which might be required immediately are easily processed. These systems have been customized to print checks in the most reliable way.

Organizational expenditure is a key concern that requires your attention to detail. Cutting unnecessary expenses is one of your priorities, therefore, take the required action.


  1. Convenience is Guaranteed

It is incredibly stressful when your business runs out of checks; therefore, investing in printing software is an important step. A lot of time is also wasted as you wait for the arrival of pre-printed checks.

Buying and printing blank checks are quite easy and convenient. In addition, you will never run out of checks and impede your business process. Checks will also be easily accessed because you have them on your premises. You will have all your needs catered for under one roof.


  1. Time is Saved

All you need is to do a few clicks. After importing data of the check, you will have hundreds of checks printed. It takes a lot of time to write already paid bills or payroll checks by hand. If you have ever filled checks manually, you have a good understanding of how tiresome it is. Software to print checks will do a lot of work for you within a short time. The time saved can be used to improve other sectors of the business.


  1. Tax Time Report Generation

Tax time is made simple by using this kind of check printing software. In a few minutes, you will generate a complete report containing the number of checks written on annual basis. This will increase auditing efficiency and always ensure that the information is up to date.


  1. Check Fraud is Easily Controlled

Fraud checks have been witnessed in businesses across the globe. This is facilitated by the fact that they are written by hand. Criminals have also upped their game and can now craft and perfect check fraud. They can be copied or washed in a special way to the extent that, details are rewritten.

A laser print has plenty of security features thus the reason businesses have embraced this form of check printing. A record of printed and released checks is always available for confirmation purposes as well.


  1. Blank Checks Are Kept Current

Blank checks will always stay updated, unlike pre-printed checks which become outdated. When you decide to change institutions that deal with your financial issues and you have pre-printed checks, it is a big disadvantage and a total waste. The best thing to do is to print your own checks to prevent such inconveniences.

In case your logo changes, it will be easily included on a blank check with a laser printing system. You no longer have to worry about leaving your checkbook behind as everything is done digitally. This makes the process extra convenient whenever, wherever.


The points above are some of the biggest reasons why business owners should embrace printing their own checks. There are a lot of disadvantages associated with pre-printed checks that can be avoided by printing your own checks. Not to mention the perks and conveniences the process has to offer.

Staying updated in terms of business improvement is paramount in this modern era. Do not let this great opportunity slip by and introduce more efficiency and reliability to your day-to-day operations. Try printing your own checks and see the difference.

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