User Permissions


new user

Each user can have multiple permissions settings:

  1. Supervisory – use this setting if you wish to make the user an administrator.
  2. Restricted to certain controls – the user will only be able to see and select certain control records and layouts
  3. Restricted to certain banks – the user will only be able to select and print from certain bank accounts
  4. Print deposit tickets – the user has access to print deposit tickets
  5. Print blank checks – the user has access to print blank checks
  6. Maximum check amount – maximum dollar amount the user can print
  7. Default control – change the default control record to use when logged in

It is important that you change the “Admin” password. Be sure to make a note of this password. You will be unable to gain access if you don’t have a password. You may not
delete the “Admin” user or change its user ID and it always has supervisory permissions.

Change Password: Enter a new password and then reenter the same password to ensure typing accuracy. NOTE: If you delete the password or enter no password, you will allow the user to sign on without entering a password.

Maintain ID / Name: Enter or change the User ID and the Full User Name (optional).

Permissions List: mark the permissions granted to the user. If the user is to be restricted to use only certain control records mark the “Restricted to Certain Controls” box. If the user is restricted to certain controls and the user is to be restricted to certain banks within those controls check the “Restricted to Certain Banks” box.
Supervisory permissions grants access to all features. Only users with supervisory permissions may access the MultiCHAX Setup program.

Enter the maximum dollar amount the user may print a check for. If you enter 0 (zero), the user
has unlimited dollar permission. If the user attempts to print a check with a greater dollar value than shown, a message will pop up on the screen and the printed check will be marked “VOID”.

Click “Change Default Control” to change the default control for this user. A list of control records this user is authorized to access will be displayed. If security is disabled only the Admin user default control will be used.

Restrict User to Certain Controls. Highlight the control and click the appropriate arrow to move from or to the authorized list.

restrict controls

Restrict User to Certain Banks. Highlight the bank and click the arrow to move from or to the authorized list.

restrict banks