Configure MultiCHAX for Right Networks

Right Networks


8/11/2014 – Removed requirement to use 3rd party driver.
8/11/2014 – Added requirement to update UniPrint to latest version.

To begin using MultiCHAX for Right Networks, please check the following system requirements:

  • Compatible Windows Client Machine:
    • Windows XP
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 8
  • Uniprint 5.0
  • Right Networks Subscription with QuickBooks
  • Adobe PDF Reader / Acrobat


  1. Download and install UniPrint 5.0
    • Once installed, open the UniPrint client settings from the system tray by right clicking on the UniPrint icon, then select Settings.
      uniprint client settings
    • Enable “Let me choose a printer every time I print” and “Enable Document Preview” using Adobe Reader / Acrobat.
  2. Download and install MultiCHAX. Please read the MultiCHAX user manual to configure printers in MultiCHAX.
  3. Open MultiCHAX and enter the SETUP menu.
  4. Click Select Control, then Edit This Control.
  5. Configure your preferred check layout (TOP, MIDDLE, BOTTOM, Z-FOLD, 3-UP).
  6. Save your control and exit MultiCHAX.
  7. Connect to Right Networks.
  8. Start QuickBooks and open a company file.
  9. Click on File > Printer Setup in QuickBooks.
  10. Select UniPrint and open Options.
  11. Under the Configuration tab, change the paper resolution to 300 dpi (600 by default).
    UniPrint settings 1
  12. Select the Advanced tab, and disable (uncheck) Postscript Emulation with No font embedding checked. Click OK, and save the printer setup settings.
    UniPrint settings 2
  13. Now you are ready to print checks from QuickBooks.
  14. Select a check to print, and print to the UniPrint driver.
  15. The Adobe Reader / Acrobat preview of the check should now be visible. Print the check from the preview and select the MultiCHAX Virtual Printer Driver BI.
    NOTE: Be sure the “Actual size” is selected for Page Sizing.
    UniPrint settings 3
  16. MultiCHAX will then be opened automatically for you to select your bank account and/or starting check number.