MultiCHAX Overview

The MultiCHAX® system composes of two (2) programs:

  1. The MultiCHAX® Virtual Printer is a Windows print driver. When printing checks within your accounting software you should select “MultiCHAX Virtual Printer BI” as the output printer for checks.
    MultiCHAX Virtual Printer
  2. The MultiCHAX (Multichx.exe) program is the main software to configure and setup your checks.
    MultiCHAX Icon The MultiCHAX®

When using the “MultiCHAX Virtual Printer” driver, all the printed text output from your accounting program is saved in the C:multichxtemp directory. Files are save with AAA as the file prefix.

The MultiCHAX will launch automatically as you print your checks to the MultiCHAX Virtual Printer Driver. The information saved is used by MultiCHAX to put together a “virtual print image” in computer memory. MultiCHAX will read the horizontal and vertical positions of the fields on the check. Such as the check date and amount. Your bank and MICR information will merge with the check fields to make a complete check.

Even though your accounting software prints in a fixed check format (top, middle, bottom check format), the MultiCHAX® program will format the output to the form you select regardless of the type specified in your accounting program.

Remember, however, that the MultiCHAX® program can only print the stub information that is list to the virtual page by your accounting program. Thus, if your accounting program does not print stub information to the virtual page. MultiCHAX will not be able to print this
information either.