Set descriptive printing

You can adjust some printed wordings, symbols and their positions on the check. Open MultiCHAX > SETUP > Select Control > Edit this Control > Set Descriptive Printing.

Set Descriptive Printing


  • Print the words “Pay to the Order Of”. Print the words in either 2 lines or 4 lines.
    Pay to the order of
  • Print word “Amount” and currency symbol. You can change the wording of the word amount and the currency symbol. For example, “Dollars $”
    amount symbol
  • Print the word “Check Number”
    check number
  • Print the Bottom Signature Line. You can also change the bottom signature text. For example, “Authorized Signature Required”
  • Print the alignment box. Turn on the print the alignment box for use with CHAX checks and visually align them.
    alignment box
  • Print the word “Date”