Adjusting the MICR line (vertical and horizontal alignment) on your checks

Adjusting the MICR line on Your Checks

Follow the below-given steps to Adjust the MICR Line on your Checks.

  • Select “Set MICR Offsets” in the MultiCHAX® toolbar
    multichax main screen
  • The following screen will be displayed
    Set MICR Offsets


Offset Instructions and Setting:


  • Since any two printers are slightly different in the way they feed and align the paper. The means for compensating for these differences, the following “Offset” instructions are provided. It is important that the image printed aligns within fairly close tolerances to the perforations on the check forms. Checks supplied by Chax® have special patented alignment features that are used to ensure proper printing alignment. This ensures that the MICR printing is within the print placement tolerances required by the banking industry. Enter the Vertical and Horizontal offsets in inches, with decimals. This value is to adjust the printing image on the check form. It is recommended that you start with a value of 0 for the vertical and 0 for the horizontal.

    Horizontal Offsets: Positive numbers move to the right and negative numbers move to the left(e.g., 1.5 moves the item 1 1/2 inches right. -1.5 move the item 1 1/2 inches left).Vertical Offsets: Positive numbers move down and negative numbers move up(e.g., 1.5 moves the item 1 1/2 inches downward. -1.5 moves the item 1 1/2 inches upward). Note: Print a test check and observe the box that is supposed to surround the word “date” that is preprinted on the check.


  • You can use a ruler to determine the necessary adjustments and then repeat this process until proper positioning is obtained. In addition, to ensure that there is no improper skew to the printed image, four short horizontal lines are printed which should straddle the perforations.
  • After printing a test sample, you will be able to return to this screen to further adjust the Offsets. You should now be ready to print a check, for additional fine-tuning of printing options and check layout.