Check Printing Software for Home and Office

Create custom checks to be printed on blank laser check forms. Works with any accounting software.



MultiCHAX is compatible with virtually any accounting software, or cloud service including QuickBooks Online.


Create custom checks with electronic image signatures on any blank (or pre-printed) laser check forms.


With built-in security features, you can keep your checking account information safe and prevent unauthorized check printing.

Editions and Pricing

Priced to suit any budget, the MultiCHAX Check Printing Software is flexible for home or work use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MultiCHAX?

MultiCHAX is a check printing and writing software product that allows the user to print your own checks for payroll and accounts payable. MultiCHAX is an add-on for Windows accounting software including QuickBooks Enterprise, Sage 50, even online-only services like QuickBooks Payroll Plus and QuickBooks Online.

How will MultiCHAX® benefit my company?

MultiCHAX® is a software product that works as an on demand MICR encoded check printing solution, that prints MICR encoded checks on blank forms in a single step. While doing this it can print signatures, logos, and form overlays from scanned images, not to mention generating “Positive Pay” files.

MultiCHAX® integrates with virtually all accounting programs such as QuickBooks, Quicken, Great Plains, Solomon, Peachtree, and many more. MultiCHAX® eliminates the need to switch check forms when you switch bank accounts within your accounting software.

As with, our CHAX® software, security was of great importance. Password access provides users handling a variety of accounting tasks within a network, abundant security and comfort. MultiCHAX® provides ample levels of security to separate functions and/or bank account for each individual user.

There are multiple editions of the MultiCHAX® software for every budget, click on the edition to see a description of the features provided: click here.

Can MultiCHAX be installed on a server?

Windows Server 2003

MultiCHAX® can be used in the terminal server environment by using a bridge between our MultiCHAX virtual printer and the terminal server. This is established by using the third party driver called Print2RDP. The vendor is Black Ice.

How MultiCHAX® works with Print2RDP is as follows:

  1. · Install MultiCHAX® on the client machine (completing MultiCHAX® setup is necessary to print test checks)
  2. · Install the server and client versions of Print2RDP (rebooting may be necessary)
  3. · After installing the client version of Print2RDP, run the application and add the MultiCHAX® Virtual Printer to the list
  4. · Login to your terminal server account (it is recommended to do a fresh logoff/login instead of resuming a previous session)
  5. · Verify that the MultiCHAX® Virtual Printer was added to the server list of printers
  6. · If it is there, you may print a check from your accounting program to the Virtual printer.
  7. · MultiCHAX® will open and print a check to the assigned laser printer.

Windows 2008/2012

For Terminal Server users on Windows 2008/2012, you do not need to purchase additional software. The MultiCHAX MP TS driver will be required to be installed separately, but is already included in your MultiCHAX installer.

Do you have a free demo?

Yes, visit our store, to download the demo software.

Will my bank accept checks printed using MultiCHAX?

If you use MICR toner and our forms, all banks will accept MultiCHAX® produced checks. You, of course, must have a properly functioning printer and properly set up the application.

If I change my accounting software, will MultiCHAX® continue to work?

Since MultiCHAX® does not depend on the QuickBooks (or similar software) files, it will continue to work. If the check format output by QuickBooks (or similar software), changes you may have to make some adjustments to the MultiCHAX® control files.

Is MultiCHAX compatible with Sage (Peachtree) products?

Yes, MultiCHAX works great for Sage 50 (Peachtree) accounting software products, and just about any other Sage software.

What are the system requirements for MultiCHAX?

CPU required: Pentium or newer
Minimum memory required: 128 MB
Minimum hard disk space required: 200 MB
Operating system version: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Minimum screen resolution: 1024 x 800
Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 Sp1