10 Best QuickBooks Online Integrations of 2023

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QuickBooks Online is an advanced accounting software designed for small businesses, providing seamless integration with various apps and services to streamline operations. In this article, we present the top 10 QuickBooks Online integrations of 2023 that offer an array of features to enhance accounting processes, improve efficiency, and cater to the diverse needs of small businesses.

What Should You Look for in a QuickBooks Online Integration?

When evaluating QuickBooks Online integrations, it’s essential to consider specific factors to ensure optimal functionality and performance. Here are the key aspects to look for:

1. Scalability:

Choose integrations that can grow and adapt alongside your business. Look for developers who actively engage with user feedback, providing regular updates and improvements to meet evolving needs.

2. Ease-of-use:

Opt for user-friendly software that requires minimal training and support. Intuitive interfaces and streamlined workflows can save time and increase productivity for you and your team.

3. Security:

Protecting sensitive financial information is crucial. Prioritize integrations that employ robust security measures and clearly outline how they handle and safeguard your QuickBooks Online data.

4. Support:

Accessible and responsive customer support is essential. Ensure the integration offers direct contact information for prompt assistance and issue resolution.

5. Reviews:

Read customer reviews on the QuickBooks App Store (apps.com) to gain insights into an integration’s performance, reliability, and user satisfaction. Feedback from other users can help you make informed decisions.

Now, let’s explore the top 10 QuickBooks Online integrations of 2023

1. MultiChax:

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Best for:

Businesses requiring integrated check printing solutions with QuickBooks Online.


MultiChax is a top QuickBooks Online integration designed for businesses in need of streamlined check printing solutions. With seamless integration, MultiChax simplifies the check printing process by enabling businesses to print checks directly from QuickBooks Online, eliminating the need for manual check writing. It offers support for various check formats, ensuring compatibility with different business requirements. By leveraging MultiChax, businesses can enhance accuracy, speed up the check printing process, and conveniently distribute checks, saving valuable time and resources.

2. Method:CRM:

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Best for:

Small and mid-sized businesses looking for a comprehensive CRM solution integrated with QuickBooks Online.


Method:CRM seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Online, providing robust customer relationship management features. It offers contact management, activity tracking, customizable reporting, and integration with popular tools. With Method:CRM, businesses can streamline their sales processes, enhance customer relationships, and efficiently manage their QuickBooks data.

3. Synder:

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Best for:

E-commerce businesses and accounting professionals in need of accurate accounting and reconciliation for online sales.


Synder specializes in syncing data from e-commerce stores and payment gateways with QuickBooks Online. It offers seamless integration with platforms like Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and more. Synder ensures accurate reconciliation, simplifies inventory tracking, supports multi-currency management, and provides smart rules for efficient income and expense management.

4. Expensify:


Best for:

Simplifying expense management and receipt tracking for businesses of all sizes.


Expensify streamlines expense management by integrating with QuickBooks Online. It automates credit card reconciliations, tracks receipts using image recognition, facilitates multi-layer approval workflows, and provides mileage and GPS tracking. Expensify reduces manual data entry, enhances accuracy, and saves time in managing business expenses.

5. Gusto:

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Best for:

Small to mid-sized businesses needing payroll, benefits, and HR management solutions.


Gusto integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online, offering comprehensive payroll and HR management. It automates tax filings, manages employee information, handles benefits and 401(k) plans, and provides self-service portals for employees. Gusto ensures accurate and efficient payroll processing while synchronizing data seamlessly with QuickBooks Online.

6. HubSpot:

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Best for: Small businesses in need of a powerful CRM and marketing automation solution integrated with QuickBooks Online.

Overview: HubSpot offers a robust CRM and marketing automation platform that integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online. It provides features like contact management, lead tracking, email marketing, and sales automation. With HubSpot, businesses can streamline their sales and marketing processes while effectively managing customer relationships.


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Best for:

Small businesses seeking an all-in-one payment processing solution integrated with QuickBooks Online.


Square provides a comprehensive payment processing solution that seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Online. It enables businesses to accept credit card payments, manage sales, track inventory, and generate detailed reports. Square simplifies payment processing, streamlines accounting, and enhances overall business operations.

8. Shopify:

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Best for:

E-commerce businesses looking for seamless integration between their online store and QuickBooks Online.


Shopify offers a robust e-commerce platform that integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online. It synchronizes sales data, inventory levels, and customer information, allowing for accurate accounting and inventory management. With Shopify, businesses can efficiently manage their online store and streamline financial processes.

9. MessageDesk:

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Best for:

QuickBooks Online users seeking seamless communication and enhanced customer engagement.


MessageDesk integrates with QuickBooks Online, enabling businesses to efficiently manage contacts, send estimates, schedule appointments, create invoices, and receive payments. It offers a shared team inbox, two-way text messaging, and media sharing capabilities, facilitating effective customer communication and streamlined payment processing.

10. Zapier:

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Best for:

QuickBooks Online users seeking custom automation and seamless integration with other apps.


Zapier acts as a bridge between QuickBooks Online and thousands of other apps, enabling code-free automation. Users can create custom workflows, automate data transfers, and streamline processes. Zapier empowers businesses to connect QuickBooks Online with their preferred apps, enhancing productivity and efficiency.


These QuickBooks Online integrations of 2023 offer a range of features and benefits to optimize accounting processes, streamline operations, and cater to the needs of small businesses. Whether it’s communication, CRM, expense management, or check printing, these integrations provide valuable tools to enhance efficiency. Consider your business requirements and select the integrations that best align with your goals, empowering you to leverage the full potential of QuickBooks Online.