QuickBooks Pro Keyboard Shortcuts 2023

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on mastering QuickBooks Pro keyboard shortcuts! In this article, we will explore the power of keyboard shortcuts and how they can significantly enhance your efficiency and productivity when using QuickBooks Pro. Whether you are a small business owner, accountant, or bookkeeper, mastering these shortcuts will save you valuable time and streamline your workflow.

Mastering QuickBooks Pro Keyboard Shortcuts

QuickBooks Pro is a powerful accounting software that helps businesses manage their finances effectively. By mastering the following keyboard shortcuts, you can navigate through the software with ease, perform tasks swiftly, and become a QuickBooks Pro expert.

General Shortcuts

Ctrl + NCreate a new company file.
Ctrl + OOpen an existing company file.
Ctrl + WClose the current company file.
Ctrl + QQuickBooks Keyboard Shortcut Guide.

Navigation Shortcuts

Ctrl + 1Go to the Home page.
Ctrl + 2Go to the Customer Center.
Ctrl + 3Go to the Vendor Center.
Ctrl + 4Go to the Employee Center.
Ctrl + FFind transaction or item.
Ctrl + JOpen the Customer: Job List.
Ctrl + LOpen the Chart of Accounts.
Ctrl + TOpen the memorized transaction list.

Transaction Shortcuts

Ctrl + ICreate invoice.
Ctrl + EEdit transaction selected in register.
Ctrl + DDelete check, invoice, transaction, or item.
Ctrl + MMemorize transaction or report.
Ctrl + HOpen transaction history.
Ctrl + BOpen the Write Checks window.
Ctrl + PPrint checks.
Ctrl + RReceive Payments window.
Ctrl + SOpen the Sales Receipts window.
Ctrl + UUse Register window.
Ctrl + XOpen the Expenses window.
Ctrl + YCreate a new journal entry.
Ctrl + ZOpen the Pay Bills window.
Ctrl + VVoid a transaction.

Editing and Formatting Shortcuts

Ctrl + BBold text.
Ctrl + IItalicize text.
Ctrl + UUnderline text.
Ctrl + RChange the transaction to a billable status.
Ctrl + YCopy selected text or transaction.
Ctrl + XCut selected text or transaction.
Ctrl + VPaste copied or cut text or transaction.
Ctrl + EEdit the transaction selected in the register.
Ctrl + MMemorize the transaction or report.

Reporting Shortcuts

Ctrl + AOpen the Chart of Accounts.
Ctrl + ROpen the Transaction Journal.
Ctrl + JOpen the Customer: Job List.
Ctrl + PPrint the current form or report.
Ctrl + EEdit the current form or report.

Check Printing Shortcuts

Ctrl + PPrint the current form or report.
Ctrl + VVoid a printed check.
Ctrl + BPrint checks.

By using these keyboard shortcuts, you can expedite various tasks within QuickBooks Pro, from creating invoices and editing transactions to generating reports, navigating through different centers and lists, and printing checks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are keyboard shortcuts?

Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of keys that allow users to perform specific actions or commands without navigating through menus or using the mouse. In QuickBooks Pro, these shortcuts offer quick access to commonly used features and functions.

Are keyboard shortcuts difficult to learn?

Not at all! QuickBooks Pro keyboard shortcuts are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. With a little practice and familiarity, you can quickly adapt to using these shortcuts and make them an integral part of your workflow.

Can I create my own keyboard shortcuts in QuickBooks Pro?

Unfortunately, QuickBooks Pro does not provide an option to create custom keyboard shortcuts. However, you can utilize third-party software or tools to assign custom shortcuts to specific QuickBooks Pro functions if needed.

How can I remember all these keyboard shortcuts?

Learning keyboard shortcuts is a gradual process. Start by focusing on a few shortcuts at a time, using them consistently in your daily tasks. With practice and repetition, they will become second nature to you, enhancing your efficiency and productivity.

Where can I find more information about QuickBooks Pro keyboard shortcuts?

For a comprehensive list of QuickBooks Pro keyboard shortcuts, you can refer to the QuickBooks Keyboard Shortcut Guide within the software. Additionally, you can explore the QuickBooks Pro Help Center or search online resources for more detailed guides and tips.


Mastering QuickBooks Pro keyboard shortcuts is an excellent way to boost your efficiency and productivity when using this powerful accounting software. By incorporating these shortcuts into your daily workflow, you can navigate the software seamlessly, perform tasks swiftly, and save valuable time. Start integrating these shortcuts into your QuickBooks Pro experience today and unlock the full potential of this remarkable tool.