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Benefits of using CHAX: Check by Phone / Fax Software

Benefits of using CHAX checks by phone / fax / web are:

  • CHAX checks are safer than regular checks. When you send a CHAX check you are providing no more information than if you mailed the check. Checks can be intercepted or lost in the mail. CHAX are sent by fax and thus you have positive, instant confirmation of their receipt. CHAX checks look different from regular checks and so cannot be easily cashed but must be deposited into a bank account, leaving an audit trail.
  • You control your money. You control the float. You can send the CHAX checks on the day you wish to release the funds. You no longer have to build in extra time to cover delays.
  • You can eliminate the need to use expensive overnight delivery service when you have to get a check delivered in a hurry.
  • If you have merchandise on hold for receipt of funds, you can get it shipped the same day.
  • You can avoid COD charges and the problems of having to leave the check ready and waiting for the trucker.
  • Using CHAX checks instead of credit cards will not tie up your credit card available credit and will avoid the hassles of getting reimbursed for business purchases.
  • Keep your accounting simple. CHAX checks are generated by you just like regular checks (you create a regular check, fax it, and retain the original for your records). If you use CHAX instead of your credit card, you won’t have to analyze and allocate your credit card account statement for tax and audit purposes.

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