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CHAX Features and Benefits

What is CHAX?

CHAX is the most cost-effective funds transfer and debt collection system available. CHAX allows you to print checks by phone, checks by fax, or checks by e-mail. The CHAX software allows you to enter your customer’s check information and print them on a new blank check form to be deposited in any U.S. bank for deposit the same day.

Collecting payments is now easier than ever, without the inflated costs. When a customer says, “I’ll put the check in the mail,” you can just say to CHAX it!

With the help of the CHAX user-friendly software, just enter the customer’s check information into any PC, print out the checks, then deposit it (works with ATM, teller, or remote scan deposits). It doesn’t get any easier than that. Just about anyone or any business can use CHAX, from a sole proprietorship to large corporations. If your business needs to receive checks, then you can use CHAX.

CHAX: Features

  1. Easy to understand and very usable interface
  2. Create print batches
  3. Create memorized (recurring) transactions
  4. Choose top checks, middle checks, bottom checks
  5. No signature required
  6. Automatically track your customer’s checking account information
  7. Automatically populate fields from saved checking account information
  8. User definable security settings
  9. Full database historical transactions
  10. Full multi-user capability
  11. Network sharing compatibility
  12. Saves transaction history

CHAX: Benefits


With increased credit card fraud, customers are wary about giving credit card numbers over the phone. Using CHAX is in fact much safer because, unlike a credit card number, a CHAX check must be deposited in a bank account.


For a low, initial cost and just pennies per check, you can stop waiting for checks in the mail, eliminate wasting time on collection calls, and improve cash flow.

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