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NOTE: The following instructions assumes that you will be using the default built-in FORM templates of Peachtree (Sage 50). To use custom forms, please contact CHAX, INC. technical support for assistance.


  1. Open Sage 50 Accounting (Peachtree Accounting)
  2. Select the REPORTS & FORMS > FORMS > CHECKS (alternatively, this works with PAYROLL CHECKS too)Sage 50 Reports and Forms
  3. Using one of the default forms (such as OCR Multi-Purp AP Detail Laser), select and customize itSage 50 Form Selection
  4. Edit the form’s check date variable field by right clicking on the check date position, and selecting change field (as shown).Sage 50 check date field
  5. Change the check date field to short.
    Sage 50 check date short
  6. Save the form as MultiCHAX AP (or MultiCHAX Payroll)
  7. Create and print a check.
  8. Print the check and select the FORM MultiCHAX AP (or MultiCHAX Payroll)Sage 50 Print checks
  9. Select the printer as the MultiCHAX Virtual Printer BISage 50 Printer Select
  10. During printer selection, open the properties of MultiCHAX Virtual Printer BI and change the Graphic Resolution to 100 x 100 DPI
    MultiCHAX Virtual Printer Properties
  11. You are now ready to print your checks to MultiCHAX