Fix for MultiCHAX Install Error 27555

Affects all MultiCHAX 8 users installing on Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1:

The latest Windows security updates (07/15/2015) prevents install of MultiCHAX 8.  Attempting to install MultiCHAX, generates the following error: “Internal error 27555. CURRENT_USERSoftwareCHAX, The system cannot find the file specified.” The error causes MultiCHAX to roll back and not complete the install.


Specifically, security update KB3072630 posted on July 15, 2015 prevents the initial installation of MultiCHAX 8.

The following instructions will allow you to install MultiCHAX:

  1. Open your Control PanelProgramsPrograms and Features (AddRemove Programs)
  2. Click on View Installed Updates
  3. Search for KB3072630 and uninstall it (restart required)
  4. Install MultiCHAX 8. The installation should complete. You can reinstall the Windows Security Update KB3072630.
    NOTE: The above solution is a temporary fix until a new installer is released.
How to Print Paychecks in QuickBooks Online

How to Print Paychecks in QuickBooks Online

To print payroll checks (paychecks) from QuickBooks Online, you will need the following requirements:

  • Firefox / Chrome Browser
  • Adobe PDF Reader
  • Subscription to QuickBooks Online Payroll (30 Day Trial is available)

Once enrolled in a QuickBooks Online account and QB Online Payroll, you can follow the guide to setup printing payroll checks for your employees. Starting in Feb. 2014, QuickBooks Online has a new home screen interface, similar to the 2013/2014 desktop editions. [Click on the image to see more details.]

Click on the “gear” symbol in the upper right corner of the home screen.

Mouse over the gear icon and it will open the setup menu screen. Click on the Payroll Settings to start configuring Paychecks.

Once the payroll settings (or preferences) are displayed, you can click on the Paycheck Printing option to configure how the checks will print.

For best results, select the pre-printed check single stub option when printing checks using MultiCHAX.

Clicking OK in the Paycheck Printer Settings will take you to the Printer Setup screen.

This portion is only necessary if you are using your own Pre-Printed checks and not printing checks using MultiCHAX.

Next, setup employees by adding them to the Payroll Setup under Employees.

Here you can configure their hourly rate, and if they prefer direct deposit or paper check.

You can also configure their deductions, and see a sample view of their paycheck on the right-hand side.

After setting up an employee, you will be taken to the current pay period screen.

In this section, you can enter the employee’s hours, and change the payment date.

Clicking on Preview Payroll will display the current pay period’s paychecks, total amounts with employee taxes and net pay.

At this point, you can submit the payroll to print the paychecks.

Once payroll is submitted, checks will be ready to print. You can enter check numbers to track.

Once printed, the check is saved and printed as a PDF.

The screenshot below is how it looks in Adobe Acrobat.

Learn more about how to print your own checks with MICR using MultiCHAX

Contact us if you need further technical support.

User Permissions

The following will show how to manage user permissions.

new user

Each user can have multiple permissions settings:

  1. Supervisory – use this setting if you wish to make the user an administrator.
  2. Restricted to certain controls – the user will only be able to see and select certain control records and layouts
  3. Restricted to certain banks – the user will only be able to select and print from certain bank accounts
  4. Print deposit tickets – the user has access to print deposit tickets
  5. Print blank checks – the user has access to print blank checks
  6. Maximum check amount – maximum dollar amount the user can print
  7. Default control – change the default control record to use when logged in

It is recommended that you change the “Admin” password. Be sure to make a note of this password. You will be unable to gain access if you don’t have a password. You may not
delete the “Admin” user or change its user ID and it always has supervisory permissions.

Change Password: Enter new password and then reenter same password to insure typing accuracy. NOTE: If you delete the password or enter no password, you will allow the user to sign on without entering a password.

Maintain ID / Name: Enter or change the User ID and the Full User Name (optional).

Permissions List: mark the permissions granted to the user. If the user is to be restricted to use only certain control records mark the “”Restricted to Certain Controls” box. If the user is restricted to certain controls and the user is to be restricted to certain banks within those controls check the “Restricted to Certain Banks” box.
Supervisory permissions grants access to all features. Only users with supervisory permissions may access the MultiCHAX Setup program.

Enter the maximum dollar amount the user may print a check for. If you enter 0 (zero), the user
has unlimited dollar permission. If the user attempts to print a check with a greater dollar value than shown, a message will pop up on the screen and the printed check will be marked “VOID”.

Click “Change Default Control” to change the default control for this user. A list of control record this user is authorized to access will be displayed. If security is disabled only the Admin user default control will be used.

Restrict User to Certain Controls. Highlight the control and click the appropriate arrow to move from or to the authorized list.

restrict controls

Restrict User to Certain Banks. Highlight the bank and click the arrow to move from or to the authorized list.

restrict banks

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Adding Users


  • Go to the MultiCHAX program and enter SETUP.
    multichax main screen
  • You must then click on “Maintain Users”, in the toolbar, and then highlight your userid (admin is added as the default user,when you install the program), and click on update user.
    multichax setup screen
  • Click on button to toggle enable/disable security
    maintain users

In Maintain Users, you can setup:

  • Users that each have different permissions of security.
  • Users can be limited to have access to only certain control records.
  • Users can be limited to have access to only certain banks within certain control records.
  • Users can be limited to a maximum amount on a single check.
  • Users can be allowed/disallowed the ability to print blank checks.
  • Users can be allowed/disallowed the ability to print blank deposit tickets.

Only Users with supervisory rights can change control information.


  • Double click on a user or highlight user and click on “Update User” to select to update user
    update admin
  • Click on “Add New User” to add a user.
    new user

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Fine Tuning your Check Printout


This is an option that is accessed in the toolbar of the setup control record window. In this screen you can turn on or off verbiage that is printed on your check face, such as “Pay to the
Order Of”, “Amount”, “Check Number”, and the “Bottom Signature Line”. Also if these features are turned on, you can adjust where they are placed on your actual check face.

  • To adjust the positioning of the selected feature you must increase or decrease the number currently designated. Our measurements are in 1/10”, so you rarely need to enter in whole numbers.
  • Increasing the number in the horizontal offset moves the field to the right and decreasing the number moves it to the left.
  • Increasing the number in the vertical offset moves the field down and decreasing the number moves it up.


This section of the screen tells our software where on the virtual page (the printout of the check information from your accounting program) to obtain the data needed for printing the check information on your check form.

Input control

Remember the Input Control Section tells MultiCHAX where to get information not where to put it. You must use the Output Offsets Screen Section to change the placement of data on the face of the check. You must use the grid printout previously prepared to obtain the input coordinates needed.


Top Print Line of Stub
The Top Print Line of Stub, is the horizontal line paralleled to the beginning of the stub information sent out by your program.

Bottom Print Line of Stub
The Bottom Print Line of Stub should be the horizontal line paralleled to the end of the stub information sent out by your program plus 1 number increment. By adding 1 to the number you will get the entire portion of your stub.

Void Pattern
Most accounting systems will print a message indicating that a check is void. The system will void checks for many reasons e.g. overflow stubs, printer alignment, etc. If the void pattern and coordinates together can be set to recognize a voided check, the MultiCHAX system will suppress printing of the MICR characters, suppress the printing of the signature, if one is normally printed, and will print a “VOID” indication on the check. The pattern consists of any characters which are always printed by the accounting system on only voided checks, starting in the coordinate position and continuing for the maximum length entered with the coordinates. The pattern must match exactly for the check to be considered void.

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