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Editing your Control Record

EDITING YOUR CONTROL RECORD Follow the below-given steps of Editing Your Control Record Open MultiCHAX and select SETUP from the menu. In the SETUP screen, click on SELECT THIS CONTROL Click EDIT THIS CONTROL The following is the EDIT CONTROL SCREEN The following is your check placement settings. Select Top, Middle, Bottom, or 3-up check […]

Adjusting the MICR line (vertical and horizontal alignment) on your checks

Adjusting the MICR line on Your Checks Follow the below-given steps to Adjust the MICR Line on your Checks. Select “Set MICR Offsets” in the MultiCHAX® toolbar The following screen will be displayed   Offset Instructions and Setting:   Since any two printers are slightly different in the way they feed and align the paper. […]

MultiCHAX Installation

MultiCHAX Installation: If you are installing on a network folder, make sure that you have proper (full control) rights to create directories and search, add, modify, and remove files. It is recommended that you place the data files onto a network drive so that all users operating MultiCHAX® will share the same files. Be sure […]

Hardware and Software Requirements

Desktop Application Users: CPU required: Pentium or newer Minimum memory required: 128 MB Minimum hard disk space required: 200 MB Operating system version: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 Minimum screen resolution: 1024 x 800 Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 QuickBooks Online (web-based application) Users: Must meet above desktop application requirements […]

MultiCHAX Overview

The MultiCHAX® system composes of two (2) programs: The MultiCHAX® Virtual Printer is a Windows print driver. When printing checks within your accounting software you should select “MultiCHAX Virtual Printer BI” as the output printer for checks. The MultiCHAX (Multichx.exe) program is the main software to configure and setup your checks. When using the “MultiCHAX Virtual Printer” driver, […]

Configure MultiCHAX for Right Networks

Configure MultiCHAX for Right Networks

UPDATE: 8/11/2014 – The removed requirement to use a 3rd party driver. 8/11/2014 – The added requirement to update UniPrint to the latest version. Configure MultiCHAX for Right Networks, please check the following system requirements: Check here how to “Configure MultiCHAX for Right Networks”, a complete guide. Compatible Windows Client Machine: Windows XP Windows Vista […]