3-Up Blank Laser Multipurpose Security Checks


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Security Features

  • Security Features: Result of Document Alteration:
    TonerLock(tm) Toner fuses with check paper that prevents alteration.
    Chemically Sensitive Paper Altered areas show spots or stains
    Invisible Fibers Visible only under ultraviolet light. Fraudulent checks will not contain these.
    Artificial Watermarks Subtly printed words visible at 45 degree angles on secure checks. These will not be visible on reproduced checks.
    Void Pantograph Void pantograph across check face visible when photocopied
    MicroPrint Bottom Border Small type in pantograph bottom border appears as dotted line when photocopied.
    Original Document Absence or modification of “Original Document” screen on back of check.
    Colored Background Colored pattern on face of check, absent or altered.

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